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Mens Encounter

Men Around the Fire offers gatherings for men over 25 to come together, share their experiences, and support one another. Our mission is to create a space for men to grow and deal with the issues they may be facing. Join us and discover the transformative power of gathering and connecting with like-minded individuals.

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The question of identity is a crucial one and is often a frustrating one, more especially to a boy growing up without a father. The experiences we encounter on  our journey in life shape our identity in many facets and forms, however the vital ingredient to all of this is knowing who we are and our purpose in life. Trying to find our purpose through work, titles and things is superficial and only brings temporal gratification and peace.

Allowing our identity and accolades to be defined  by the world  will only lead to a dead end.

Your true identity can only come from God, for only he alone knows the plans and purpose he has for YOU…..The ONE who has created YOU.

The question is WHY am I here? will soon be answered when you get to know and understand YOUR reason and purpose for BEING here.

It is difficult to understand  what it is you  are called to do, what path  in life you should take when your purpose is unclear. This truth will ultimately lead to an unfulfilled life leaving you empty and lost.Single Moms Raising Sons(SMRS), in partnership with Mdu Mathenjwa,( Self discovery author and life coach) Publisher and  have developed a healing and equipping program to help young boys and  men find and see their identity in God. This program is targeted specifically to boys and men  raised by single mothers and those experiencing fatherlessness.  The  program is devised to help these boys and men learn who God says they are and to unveil that He has called them to a life of fulfilled purpose.

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