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About SMRS

Single moms raising sons is a global epidemic.

Being single moms ourselves we know first hand what a mammoth task this is.  We juggled multiple roles that placed an enormous demand on us, and often times found ourselves ill-equipped to handle these roles, responsibilities, and challenges that life threw at us.

Looking back now, it has been a tumultuous yet rewarding journey. The lonely path we walked, the hurdles we had to cross, the obstacles we overcame, the blessings disguised as opportunities and challenges have all been the building blocks and the road map to getting us here today.

We believe that all of our past experiences have been the invisible thread weaving us into our life’s purpose. We understand the struggles, hardships, and challenges facing single moms raising boys into men, and the fundamental role  she plays in creating an environment that builds a firm strong foundation for her family.

 However, statistics prove that Fatherlessness creates a void, and if not dealt with, often times leads to social pathology that is tearing up the fabric of our global society. 

It was on this premise that SingleMomsRaisingSons was birthed. Our aim is to provide support, resources and a network that single moms and their sons can draw from.

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