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At our camp, we believe that every boy deserves the chance to learn how to deal with life and develop the skills necessary to succeed. Our dedicated team of mentors provides an enriching experience for boys of all backgrounds. With a focus on fun, personal growth, and leadership development, our camp is the perfect place for boys to grow into confident and capable young men.

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Men Molding Men, is a much needed program by Single Moms Raising Sons. We so often hear the saying that children are our future. But what happens when children take the troubled path, succumbing to crime, drug addiction or self-destruction? If children are our future, it is our responsibility to shape our future by shaping our youth? We do that through our mentorship program called, Men Molding Men.
Our young boys from the ages of 7-16, are in a very fundamental developing stage of their lives. Our youth are vulnerable to taking the wrong step, which is why mentors are important for them. Although we cannot force our young boys to make correct life decisions, however, through the Men Molding Men program, mentors share their views, experiences, knowledge, support and advice, that creates a platform to provide a positive influence.

The young boys and youth are introduced to new experiences, positive values, that will prevent negative behaviour, increase social and emotional development, and improve self-esteem. The boys experience healing, growth in leadership potential and self awareness. These tools and life traits set them on a path to achieve success.
The supportive, healthy relationships formed between mentors and mentees are both immediate and long-term, these young boys and youths are inspired to stretch themselves towards maturity and wisdom, which brings about a changed mindset and qualities that contribute to human thriving, like empathy, curiosity, resourcefulness, and resilience.

All of this takes place in a retreat setting close to nature, and when night falls the mentors, young boys and youth gather together around the BOMA campfire to share stories and life’s experiences that will encourage, inspire, help shape and forge them into the men God had destined them to become. It is life changing.

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